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Jared & Jensen Watch Supernatural

Title:  Jared and Jensen watch Supernarural
Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Warnings: Wincest, Sexual References
Summary: Jared and Jensen watch Supernatural together and has a surprise in store for Jared.
Disclaimer: Made for fun.



"Jensen it's starting! Hurry Up!"

"OK OK I'm coming!" Jensen jumped onto Jareds lap, causing popcorn to fly everywhere. Jared glared at him, while Jen sat there smirking.

"Don't think i'm cleaning that up."

"Yeah Yeah Jare Bear..." Jensen sighed as he twisted his body around on Jareds lap and began rubbing his legs. Jared caught his hand before it could work it's magic. Jensen slid of his lap in a sulk and stared at the tv screen. The opening scene of Supernatural was just starting. The episode was After School Special, Jareds favourite mostly becasue he got to see Jensen as a Gym Teacher. The first time he saw this episode he was at home alone and found that those little

red shorts were his newest turn-on.

Jared snuggled in closer to Jen as they watched the tv. The episode started to pass by quickly as they remembered the fun they had on set that day. Soon enough Jareds favourite scene came on screen. He tried to inconspicuosly move his body in the opposite direction to Jensens.

"Whats up?" Jensen noticed how uncomfortable Jared looked.

"Well somethings definitely 'up'..." Jareds hands were between his legs as if he was trying to hide something. Jensen was confused, he looked at the tv screen and then at where Jareds hands were.

"OH! I see!" Jensen flipped himself onto Jareds lap placing his hands were Jareds were.

"So you like me in shorts then?" Jen whispered into Jareds ear.

"You could say that." Jared replied shyly. Jensen hopped off his lap.

"I'll be right back. Don't you go anywhere!" Jensen commanded pointing at the huge bulge in Jareds pants.

Jared watched as Jensen ran into the bedroom. He smiled around the corner before closing the door behind him.

"My Jare Bear is gonna freaking love this!!" Jensen was getting excited just thinking about what he was gonna do for Sam. He reached under the king size bed and pulled out a dufflebag, Jensen chuckled to himself as he unzipped the bag and pulled out what was inside.

Jared wondered how long he would be in there and how long he would be able to keep it 'up'. So he unzipped his pants thinking of a good way to entertain himself whilst Jensen was away. It would be very easy and fun considering that Dean in shorts was paused on the tv screen. As he slid his hand down his pants Jensen came back into the room.

"Holy...!" Jared was too amazed at how good Jensen looked to finish his sentence.

"You like?" Jensen said in a husk voice. He posed in the doorway doing his best blue steel impression. Jared giggled.

"Hell yes I like!!" Jensen was wearing the exact same Gym teachers outfit from the episode they had been watching. The little red shorts showed off Jensens package perfectly and the tight polo neck brought even more attention to his abs than normal.

Jensen saw where Jareds hand was, Jared had forgotton that it was still down his pants

"I see you started without me then big boy!"

"You better get on over here then." Jensen shimmied over to Jared turning him on even more with each step. He once again replaced Jareds hand with his own.

"You liking that Jared?!" Pleasure could be seen in both their eyes. Jared thrusted his hips hard, wanting Jensen more and more.

"God Yes!!" Jensen then removed his hand from Jareds pants, leaving him looking only half satisfied.

Jensen moved the whistle that was hanging around his neck and licked the edge. He looked at Jared and then at the whistle he was still holding. "Now then, what should I blow on first?"

Jared giggled and looked towards the bedroom, there were two dodgeballs on the floor. Jensen caught Jared looking.

"Up for some foreplay are you?" Jared giggled then got up off the couch. Both him and Jensen ran towards the bedroom. Jensen got their first and grabbed both balls, he placed them under one arm and then with the other reached for the whistle.

With a huge grin across both their faces Jensen teased "The whistle makes me your god!"

The End