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Family Force 5 Fiction - ChapDaddy

Chapstique sat quietly next to Nadaddy as he slept on the couch. He was so unbelievably bored and had no idea when everyone else would be back. To pass the time he pulled out his chapstick and fondled it in his fingers reading all the small print. "Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Soothing, cooling, refreshing." It certainly was all of these things, every day his lips managed to stay soft, moist and kissable (well so he was told.)

Nadaddy snored loudly and interrupted Chapstiques train of thought. When he looked over the first thing he noticed was Nadaddys dry lips. Jumping up off the couch he held his chapstick in the air and exclaimed, "this seems like a job for Chapstique!" He pulled the top off of his trusty lip balm and bent down next to Nadaddy. This needed to be done with complete accuracy for his lips to be moist once again.

As the edge of the stick touched his lips Nadaddy smiled causing it to smudge onto his chin. Chapstiques face dropped, "it’s…it’s not meant for chins!" This was his favourite chapstick and he couldn’t waste any. So he decided to use what was on Nadaddys chin on himself.

He puckered his lips and pressed them against Nadaddys chin but none of the balm came off. Maybe more force was needed. Chapstique rubbed his lips all over the bottom half of his face and he could now feel the chapstick applying itself to his lips.

"Mmm-yeah. Chapstique!" Nadaddy mumbled to himself without hardly moving his lips. Getting a bit too into this Chapstique rubbed some more and without realising both their lips met; Nadaddys parted slightly, letting him slide in. He was just about to pull back when Nadaddys arms wrapped around him pulling him down.

"Yo…Chapstique…Nadaddy? Uhh-so how’s it goin’?" Soulglow, Crouton and Phatty were stood in the doorway staring wide eyed at a now awake Nadaddy applying a Chapstique to his lips.