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The Winchesters First Halloween

Title: The Winchesters First Halloween.
Characters: Young Sam, Young Dean, John.
Warnings: None.
Summary: John is able to spend his first halloween with his boys, will it make him change his ways?
Disclaimer: Made for fun, I do not own the characters.



They walked out the door of their apartment building. It was Sam and Deans first Halloween with their father, he would usually be away for days on end leaving his boys with close friends and not telling them when he would be back.

John, the boys father, was usually against Halloween as he knew what was really in the dark, but since he had never spent a proper holiday with his kids he might as well start somewhere.

Sam was as adorable as ever wearing an extremely cute pumpkin costume complete with a pumpkin top hat. His face was painted orange with little red rosy cheeks too make the look even cuter.

Dean decided to be a vampire. He had his very own black cape and fangs; his face was white with fake blood dripping from the corners of his mouth. To make it even more authentic Dean did the best he could to put on a Transylvanian accent.

John had been watching a lot of horror movies lately and thought it would be fun to dress as Freddy Krueger. He bought a striped red and green jumper, found an old hat he had for years and made his own gloves with knives for fingers. The knives were real, some were iron and others were silver. Each knife was soaked in salt. This made John able to use it against any supernatural attacks. It was a lot more inconspicuous to wear than carrying a loaded shotgun around with him all Halloween.

Sam and Dean raced each other to the end of the street as their Dad smiled at his two perfect children, He was amazed at how quickly they had grown. Dean teased Sam by trying to bite his neck, Sammy squirmed away as his brother moved in closer.

"That’s enough now Dean." John was strolling towards the boys his knives swinging by his side. Dean pulled back and Sam poked his tongue out at his brother. This made their Dad smile. It was good to see them behaving like normal children.

As they made their way from door to door the boys trick or treat buckets began to fill quite quickly. Dean tried his best to scare the neighbours whilst Sam stood there with big puppy dog eyes.

The night was drawing to an end. Dean was satisfied with the amount of candy he had got and Sammy was getting tired. John carried Sam home in his arms, he was happy that for once in his new hunting life he was able to spend at least one night with his boys without any unwanted complications.

When they arrived home both boys began to eat what candy they had been given. John set his glove down on the table and went to sit next to his boys. He then told them a few spooky stories before bed, but not so scary that Sam wouldn’t be able to sleep for a week.

Soon enough the boys fell asleep and their Dad carried them to their beds. He kissed Sam goodnight on his forehead and when he kissed Dean he began to stir.

"Dad?" Mumbled Dean

"I’m here son."

"Are you going to stay?" Dean asked.

There was a pause before he could answer. "I’m here." Was all he could say.

"Don’t ever leave. Please. Me and Sam, we need you." Dean began to drift back to sleep whilst speaking, leaving his father sat there motionless. Before he even knew it, tears were pouring from Johns eyes.

"I know you need me Dean. Just like I need you." He whispered to himself, his head in his hands. He looked around the room not sure what to do when his gaze met his latest weapon. "Why?" He said through muffled sobs. "Mary. . . Why?! I never meant for the boys to grow up like this, I just wanted to try and save you somehow! I didn’t think of the consequences. . .I-I’m sorry!"