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Fun With Food - Part 1

Title: Fun With Food
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Warnings: Wincest, Sexual References
Summary: Sam and Dean are on their latest hunt and decide to pass the time with one of Deans favourite things. Pie.
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own the boys, all rights go to

 Recently my friend introduced me to roleplay, so me and two friends decided to spend our lunch break writing some!

Orange = Me (Wincestdelights)
Purple = Rheannah_leigh
Blue = L The Anonymous Writer Of Doom ;)

 Fun With Food - Part One

Dean strolled down the empty corridor of the school. He was still in the tight red shorts, white polo top and knee length socks that he had been wearing for the latest hunt. He moved the whistle that was hanging around his neck to his lips and licked the edge.


Caressing the ice cold metal, he whipped his tongue, back resisting to blow. He carried on down the hallway and turned to the sports hall. He slowly opened the door and peered his head around the crack.


A strong smell hit Dean in the face. It was delicious!! It smelt of hot berries. As he ventured further into the sports hall Dean could see what the smell was coming from. In the middle of the room was a giant pie. Dean was overwhelmed by the sight of this, even his downstairs brain got excited. He tried hard to keep it in his pants. Pulling the material awkwardly Dean walked further into the hall.


He had one more sniff and he was hooked! Dean ran over to the crust of the pie and took a bite.


"Mmm mm," he breathed. "I’d like me some pie."
He dipped his head in for another bite.


"Om nom nom!" Dean indulged his sweet tooth. His head was fully submerged in the yummy filling when Sam popped out of the middle of the pie. He was wearing just an apron and a tall chefs hat. They were stained a purple red from being inside the pie, but Sam didn’t care, he had spent forever making the pie for Dean and wanted them both to enjoy every moment. Dean looked up with pleasure in his eyes, Sam’s face was just inches away from his.
"You’ve got something on your face." Sam chuckled to Dean. Sam moved in closer to his face and licked all the way up Dean’s cheek.


Dean moved his face, ever so slightly and Sam’s tongue ran across Dean’s lips.
Sam’s eyes had been closed but now they flickered open. They looked at each other, understanding in their gaze. Their eyes closed again as their lips mashed together, bodies moving against each other.


Dean couldn’t keep his hands still, they moved all over Sam’s body, they moved down the bare skin of his back and didn’t stop when they reached the firm flesh that was Sam’s ass. "God you smell good!" Dean said as he only just managed to move away from Sam’s lips. Dean licked and pulled on Sam’s ear, "You taste good too!" he sighed into Sam’s ear. As they pulled each other closer and rolled about in the delicious blueberry filling of the pie, the door to the sports hall opened behind them.



To Be Continued