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On August 4th Me and a few friends travelled to London to the Relentless Garage. There we saw the amazing band which is Family Force 5! Also supporting them were Tek-One and L'amour La Mourge, both of these sets were awesome. Their energy was incredible, it made you feel so good jumping around in the crowd. Whilst Tek-one were playing Soul Glow Activator, Crouton and Nadaddy from FF5 came out into the crowd and started rocking. Seeing them there made the realisation hit that I was actually going to see them live! I honestly could not believe that I was seeing Nadaddy, I was that overwhelmed with joy that I started to cry which was pretty embarassing. When we met the band after the show my friend put Soul Glow Activator on the phone to her Mum which was so funny all I remember him saying was "Your daughter is safe." Sadly we didn't get to see Fatty very long as security came and made us get off the road. All of Family Force 5 had a shower before they came out after the show so they smelt lovely like flowers! There was them smelling so fresh and we were still covered in sweat from the gig! This was the best night of my life!

Meeting Ian Watkins

(Above) Me, Ian Watkins, Emily and Rheannah. I can't believe we met him!!!

(Above) Soul Glow Activator and Me. He was so small, it was so cute and his shirt was awesome!!


(Above) Soul Glow on the phone to Emilys Mum. "Your daughter is safe."


(Above) Me and Chapstique.

(Above) Nadaddy and me. I love this man so much! Can't believe I actually met him!!

(Above) Crouton and me. He was so warm and his ear actually went in my ear when we were having this picture!

Family Force 5 Fiction - ChapDaddy

Chapstique sat quietly next to Nadaddy as he slept on the couch. He was so unbelievably bored and had no idea when everyone else would be back. To pass the time he pulled out his chapstick and fondled it in his fingers reading all the small print. "Burt’s Bees Beeswax Lip Balm. Soothing, cooling, refreshing." It certainly was all of these things, every day his lips managed to stay soft, moist and kissable (well so he was told.)

Nadaddy snored loudly and interrupted Chapstiques train of thought. When he looked over the first thing he noticed was Nadaddys dry lips. Jumping up off the couch he held his chapstick in the air and exclaimed, "this seems like a job for Chapstique!" He pulled the top off of his trusty lip balm and bent down next to Nadaddy. This needed to be done with complete accuracy for his lips to be moist once again.

As the edge of the stick touched his lips Nadaddy smiled causing it to smudge onto his chin. Chapstiques face dropped, "it’s…it’s not meant for chins!" This was his favourite chapstick and he couldn’t waste any. So he decided to use what was on Nadaddys chin on himself.

He puckered his lips and pressed them against Nadaddys chin but none of the balm came off. Maybe more force was needed. Chapstique rubbed his lips all over the bottom half of his face and he could now feel the chapstick applying itself to his lips.

"Mmm-yeah. Chapstique!" Nadaddy mumbled to himself without hardly moving his lips. Getting a bit too into this Chapstique rubbed some more and without realising both their lips met; Nadaddys parted slightly, letting him slide in. He was just about to pull back when Nadaddys arms wrapped around him pulling him down.

"Yo…Chapstique…Nadaddy? Uhh-so how’s it goin’?" Soulglow, Crouton and Phatty were stood in the doorway staring wide eyed at a now awake Nadaddy applying a Chapstique to his lips.

The Wrong Lube (Sam/Dean)

Title: The Wrong Lube. 
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester.
Warnings: Wincest. Sexual references. (Spoiler free.)
Word Count: 1787.
Summary: It's Deans turn to buy the lubricant but maybe Virgin Tight isn't the right way to go consdering Sams considerably large manly parts.
Disclaimer: I do not own the Winchesters (yet) or the products that they use.

This is dedicated to the awesome j2sbitch  Happy Birthday hun! Hope your having a good one and enjoy this guy on guy action ;)



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Special Delivery (AU Sam/Dean)

Title: Special Delivery
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Warnings: Wincest. Sexual references. No Supernatural spoilers. AU.
Word Count: 656
Summary: Sam is at Stanford and Dean is living his own life in a small apartment with a normal job. All of Deans wishes come true when a very special delivery arrives at his door.
Disclaimer: I do not own these very sexy brothers, Kripke does.

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A Short Piece Of Babble ;]

So today I have only just found out about Jensen Ackles engagement, sadly it's not to Jared :(

It is to Danneel Harris, they do make a sweet couple although my heart will always be out there for that j2 love.

Maybe Jared will be the bestman?! Now that would be uber cute :D

I couldn't believe it when i heard and can't believe i didn't hear sooner.


On another note I have just watched 30 Seconds To Mars' new video Kings & Queens, I've been excited to see it for weeks now and was not let down by its epicness :) I suggest you watch it if your a fan of 30stm.


The Winchesters First Halloween

Title: The Winchesters First Halloween.
Characters: Young Sam, Young Dean, John.
Warnings: None.
Summary: John is able to spend his first halloween with his boys, will it make him change his ways?
Disclaimer: Made for fun, I do not own the characters.



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Fun With Food - Part 1

Title: Fun With Food
Characters: Sam Winchester, Dean Winchester
Warnings: Wincest, Sexual References
Summary: Sam and Dean are on their latest hunt and decide to pass the time with one of Deans favourite things. Pie.
Disclaimer: I sadly do not own the boys, all rights go to

 Recently my friend introduced me to roleplay, so me and two friends decided to spend our lunch break writing some!

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Jared & Jensen Watch Supernatural

Title:  Jared and Jensen watch Supernarural
Characters: Jared Padalecki, Jensen Ackles
Warnings: Wincest, Sexual References
Summary: Jared and Jensen watch Supernatural together and has a surprise in store for Jared.
Disclaimer: Made for fun.



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